Do you have a question about a bathroom renovation you are planning? Feel free to browse our list of frequently asked
questions. If you have a query that isn’t covered here, feel free to ask us.

Do you offer free consultation and quote?

Our bathroom renovation quotes are free. You will also receive a free consultation where we will listen to your requirements, exchange ideas and provide professional advice about the best outcome that will fit your budget.

How long has Smart Bathrooms been in business?

We have been operating since January 2000. Over the course of almost two decades we have vastly expanded our knowledge. With hundreds and hundreds of completed projects, rest assured that we know a thing or two about bathrooms.

Do you only renovate bathrooms?

We can also renovate your ensuite, WC, powder room, laundry and kitchen.

Can I still renovate if I have asbestos in my house?

Yes you can. We will engage our reputable asbestos specialist to carry out the work safely and completely with air monitoring and independent inspections as required.

Can I change the layout of my current bathroom?

Yes you can. If the current layout is not practical than the benefits of the change will be obvious, but keep in mind that changing the layout to achieve a new look will have a big impact on your budget. Changing the layout on a concrete slab will cost more compared to a timber floor.

Can I choose my own tiles and bathroom fittings?

Yes, absolutely. We will guide you by providing you with a list with all the items you will need for your renovation, including dimensions and specifications as required. We will provide you with details of our preferred suppliers and if you like you can just select your items and we can purchase them for you with a trade discount and an added benefit of paying at the end of the renovation.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

There are many factors in the cost of any renovation. We cater for every budget, but ultimately the costs will vary depending of the type of work required and the quality of fittings and fixtures you choose.

The quotation we will providehas a separate cost for the work including the building and fixing materials and a separate cost for the bathroom tiles, fixtures and fittings. The later cost can vary depending on your selection.

As a guide an average bathroom renovation will cost between $12,000 and $17,000 including all the labour, material, tiles, fixtures and fittings.

How long will my bathroom renovation take?

A typical renovation takes about two and a half weeks plus the installation of the shower screen that gets measured as soon as the wall tiling in the shower recess is up. While your custom made shower screen is being made you can use your new bathroom. If it is your only bathroom, it might be possible to put up a temporary shower curtain so you can use the shower as well.

Of course the more work your new bathroom requires, the longer it will take, but rarely the renovation takes more than four weeks even if there is asbestos present and total remodelling is required. It is also important to point out that we will not be hopping from job to job. We will focus on your bathroom and get it finished as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

I don’t want to renovate my entire bathroom, are you able to help with a partial renovation?

Smart Bathroom specialises in the complete bathroom renovation and remodelling. Unfortunately we are not able to help you with a small facelift, repair or replacing fixtures or accessories.

I have to work and won’t be home during the renovation, will this be ok?

We have an excellent reputation and rest assured that your home will be treated with respect. If you are contactable within 24 hours just in case we need to talk to you should any issues arise you could even take a holiday and come back to a beautiful new bathroom.

Do you remove the rubbish from the renovation?

All the rubble is removed from site immediately as it has been demolished. It goes straight into our truck. We also put down drop sheets to protect your floor covering. At the end of each day we collect the drop sheets and your home (other than the bathroom) is left as it was without a trace that we were there.

Are you insured?

Our company and staff are all appropriately insured and our Public Liability cover is $10,000,000.00.

Do you offer a warranty?

Al work will be carried out in accordance with relevant Building Codes and Australian Standards. All work carries a guarantee of three years, exceeding statutory warranties of two years as per Building Act 2004. Waterproofing is guaranteed for a period of 10-20 years depending on the system used.Our biggest warranty is our reputation that we have worked so hard over the years to establish.

What are you payment terms?

We require a 10% deposit on signing the contract to secure the job. One progress payment of 40% after all the preparation work or just before tiling stage commences with a final payment when the job is completely finished and you are fully satisfied.

What happens after I have accepted your quote?

After you have accepted our quote we will arrange another appointment. . We will do a final check measure if necessary, discuss bathroom fixtures, fittings and tiles and answer any further questions you may have about anything. We also take this time to review and sign the contract and secure a start date for your renovations. Then you can sit back and relax knowing your renovation is in excellent hands. .

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