Mark and Lenore Cuthbert

If you’re looking at reviews for Bathroom renovations, chances are you’re ready to engage a company but you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. After-all, a bathroom renovation is a significant investment of your hard earned money.

So when we were looking to engage a company we did the same thing. We did our research, looked at countless reviews and made numerous phone calls. We contacted Smart Bathrooms after reading the reviews by others. John came around (on a Saturday when most others are closed) to provide us with a quote.

It was evident from John’s questions of our requirements, and the suggestions he offered us, that he places significant importance on professionalism, quality and care. John’s quote was very competitive and given our confidence in John’s service offering we decided to engage him to do our renovations.

John’s tradespeople were always on time. All of John’s tradespeople were friendly, engaging and professional and their work has been first class.

Drop sheets were placed on floors each morning and cleanup was done every day. The work site was kept meticulously clean the whole time. A work site with no mess is just another indicator of the care and pride that John and his team take in their work.

The quality of workmanship and care that John and his team demonstrated throughout our renovation makes his company stand above the rest.

We are extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship of Smart Bathrooms and are very grateful to John and his team for delivering such a wonderful outcome.

We would encourage everybody who is contemplating a bathroom renovation to make sure that they consider Smart Bathrooms.

A smart choice is the right choice……. and the right choice is Smart Bathrooms.