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Outside of Dublin this name is found only in Ulster where it is most common in Co. Antrim. Mullin (1966). Williams was never common in Scotland which retained the longer Williamson. The principal families of the name came to Ireland in the seventeenth century, the earliest in the Plantation of Ulster and others a generation later. Another was the lands of Jonystoun in East Lothian . century Yorkshire from the town of Roos . Some Donegal McDaids (the sept of Max Daibheid) kinsmen to the Dohertys anglicised to Davison in that County and also in Tyrone and Derry. The historical and settlement event which occasioned this phenomenon was the Ulster Plantation of the 17t… Services | Origins in Ulster : Scottish Plantaion From the trade “fletcher” the man who fitted the fights to arrows, though not an old Scottish family they did appear in early Scottish records in Roxburgh as early as 1338. In Scotland the name has been recorded in Ayrshire and Wigtownshire, where it is of Irish origin. The surnames of Ireland’s ruling families can typically be tracked down to one single individual e.g. Many can be found in the 1631 muster rolls in Ardstraw and Castlederg. Like many similar tales the story may have been made to fit the name rather than the reverse. From the town of the same name in Roxburghshire. Ancestry, Family and Ancestral Research All Rights Reserved. It is to be distinguished from Ó hOisín and Ó hOiseáin (see Hession and Hishon). The Uí Méith Macha were based in the barony of Monaghan, County Monaghan. "The Ulster Clans", Robert Bell (1988) . Origins in Ulster : Plantation Scottish From the Hebrew “Dawidh” meaning “beloved one” (David) we get simply “son of David” while Davison means “son of Davy” The Clan Davidson decend from David Dhu fourth son of Muiriach of Kingussie chief of Clan Chattan. Displaced by James VI during the “pacification” of the borders post 1603 and fled to Fermanagh . These Free Pages are provided to help you with your Research. Stevene de Kilpatric del counte is found in Dunfreiss in 1296 Another of the “Gille” names. In the fifteenth century the MacKurerdys, as they were then called, owned most of Bute. Porter is an occupational name and though it can derive from the Old French porteur, meaning a 'carrier of burdens', its main derivation is from the Old French portier, a 'porter' or 'doorkeeper'. Crích Ross stands 4 miles northwest of the point where the three counties meet. Afterward The County of Antrim was part of the Republic of Ireland. In Ireland Williamson is almost exclusive to Ulster and is most common in counties Antrim, Derry, Armagh and Tyrone;  most will be of Scottish origin. And were certainly living in that place as early as 1296. Origins in Ulster : Plantation The arrived from Britain and settled mostly in east Ulster. Origins in Ulster:  Old Irish, later Scottish Plantation. The name is originally Scots Gaelic Mac Gille Eoin  “Son of the servant of (St) John”. Other Ellisons may be Ellistons from the lands of Elliston near Bowden in Roxburghshire  This name is sometimes also found as Allison especially in Donegal. The Ulster Gilmores were a very powerful family controlling large territories in the baronies of Antrim Castlereagh and Lecale before the Plantation. It is currently the third most numerous name in England, the first being Smith and the second, Jones. In Ireland common only in Ulster, Aiken is of Scottish origin. Very numerous: all areas, especially Ulster and Galway-Mayo. Origins in Ulster: Plantation Scottish. The family of Geddes of Rachan Pebblesshire were an official offshoot of this family. Two Sherrards, Daniel and William, were among the thirteen famous apprentice boys whose unofficial action led to the subsequent successful resistance of the siege of Derry in 1689. Reed and Reid is a name readily found in Tyrone. Crone considered Alexander MacMonagle (1848-1919) "the doyen of Ulster journalists" worthy of a place in his Dictionary of Irish Biography. In the "census" of 1659 it appears as one of the principal Irish names in Co. Roscommon; and two centuries later we find it largely concentrated around Belmullet in the adjoining county of Mayo. Origins in Ulster : probably English Cromwellian. 10 Irish surnames that are always mispronounced in America It is likely the Macilmories who settled in Ulster were actually Macilmorrows from Ballantrae Parish where the name was also found as McElmurro, McElmurre and Macilmurry around 1600. The MacMonagles are numerous in Co. Donegal and in the city of Derry and those found elsewhere have their origin there. The name is now found in considerable numbers in all the provinces except Connacht. At one stage the O'Lynns ruled a territory stretching all the way to the sea deep in Ulaid territory. Sir Hugh Montgomerie of Briadstone ,an advisor to James VI aquired half of the O’Neill lands which included parts of Ards and also lands in the Parish of Enniskillen. Origins in Ulster Plantation ScottishBlackburn is from one or several places so named in Scotland’s Lowlands including Berwickshire, Sterlingshire, and Edinburgh. The Carsons arrived in Ulster circa 1625 during the Plantation and can be found in numbers in the 1660’s Hearth Money Rolls. It is this family,scattered by James VI who are the source of most of the “true” Ulster Johnstons. It is speculated that Breffny derives its name from a pre-Celtic substrate language spoken in Ireland meaning 'ring' or 'loop', therefore making Breifne one of the oldest placenames in Ireland, dating prior to 500 B.C.[1]. The Dumfriesshire name Kirkhoe, now rare, also became Kirk. Among the native Irish in Ulster to whom land was allowed at the time of the Plantation, and as part of the Plantation, were the following, the number of acres allowed each being also given : John Bunyan was baptised in 1628 as the son of John Bunnion. Famous as being (together with the Mallons) the keepers of St Patrick’s Bell. They later migrated to Derry and Armagh. The leader of the men of Surrey in AD 853 was “Huda”. For the full account consult Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall: Irish Names and Surnames by Rev. In mediavel records we meet more frequently the cognate name le Ireis; its modern form, Irish was formerly well known in Co. Kilkenny; eight families of the name are in Griffith's Valuation of that county in 1851, in which three Irelands also appear. Abraham Martin of this family (died 1664) was the first king’s pilot on the St Lawrence River Canada and the Plains of Abraham the scene of the battle of 1759 were named from the grant of land he received in 1617. The name Wade in County Tyrone can be of these origins but there was also a Scottish MacWade another variant spelling from the same root. The homeland of the sept was Co. Sligo and it has spread into the neighbouring counties of Ulster. Many Ewing wills are recorded for the dioceses comprising these northern areas. All Content is Copyright © Ulster There is a village and Parish of name Symington in the Kyle district of Ayrshire, However the old family of Symington derive from Symington in the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire. Scottish settlers, mainly Presby… By the middle of the 13th century the Ramsays are appearing as landowners in Angus. Smyth (9802) 8. On 29th December 1592 James Geddes “of Glenhigton” also fell victim to the treachery of the Tweedies in Edinburgh. There were O'Quigleys, a sept of the Uí Fiachra of Co. Mayo, and another sept of Inishowen in Donegal. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Irish_clans_in_Ulster&oldid=962926352, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Uí Meic Uais Mide, in the barony of Moygoaish, county Westmeath. The Boyds decend from Robert Stewart one of two Norman brothers who founded the Royal Stuart dynasty in Scotland. This probably derives from the personal name Fearadhach, meaning 'manly'. This name, Ó Branghaile in Irish (branghal, raven valour), is peculiar to east Galway. FAQ. Jennings is a Breton name coming from “Jenyn” a town in Brittany in France.

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